Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Maine Cast On (A Twisted Long Tail Cast On)

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The Maine Cast On is the Thumb (Long Tail) Version of the Twisted Cast On.

The method to create this twist is totally different than the method used with the sling shot version of the long tail, but the end result is identical.

This is a truism of knitting—there are frequently many ways to achieve the same result—It doesn’t matter HOW you knit, there is a way to get the desired result.
If you use the Thumb version of the Long Tail, and have been missing out on the twisted version of the long tail--you now have a way to resolve that!


  1. The video doesn't show the cast-on — it just has your introduction. :(

  2. I'd sure like to be able to see this video with the Maine cast-on, but there's nothing here, just a 10 second intro. Can you post the rest of the video??


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