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Cast Ons

Single Yarn Cast Ons

Simple Cast On
Simple Cast On Variations
Knit Cast On
Knit Cast On Variation
Cable Cast On
Cable Cast On Variation
Knotted (aka Russian) Cast on--(previously published)
Crocheted Cast On--(previously published)

Long Tail and other 2 Yarn Cast On’s

Basic Long Tail Cast ON
English (aka Thumb) Style Long Tail Cast On
Twisted (aka German, Norwegian) Cast On
Maine Cast On (aka Twisted Cast on, done English/thumb style)
Open Loop Cast on
Open and Closed Loop Cast On (aka Latvian Cast On)
Forward and Reverse Cast On (aka Ribbed Cast On)
Right Hand Long Tail
2 Ball of Yarn Long Tail
Braided Long Tail (see also: Techniques; Interesing-Latvian Braid)
Channel Island Cast On

Eyelet Cast Ons

Disappearing Loop Cast On
Emily Ocker Cast On
I-cord Cast On

Tubular And Invisible Cast ons

Tubular 1 (aka Italian)
Tubular 2 (aka YO style)
Tubular 3 (3 needle style)
Tubular 4 (using Judy’s Magic Cast On)
Tubular 5 (using Provisional cast on)
Judy’s Magic Cast On
Figure 8 Cast On
Eastern or Turkish Cast on

Provisional Cast Ons

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s provisional Cast On
Crochet Cast On used as a provisional Cast On
Simple Cast on used as a provisional cast on

Other Cast Ons

Picot Cast On

Cast Offs

Basic Cast Off
Hanging Cast Off
Russian Cast Off
Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Cast off
Jeny’s Incredible Stretchy Cast Off
Picot Cast Off
Tunisian cast Off

European Knitting
Eastern Knitting
Combo Knitting—(see also Other Videos)
Right leaning decrease
Left leaning Decrease
Make 1’s


Latvian Braid (part 1)
Latvian Braid (part 2)
Vakkel Braid (aka Continuous Cross Stitch)
Cabling with out a Cable needle

Double Knitting Techniques

Double Knitting 1-simple
Double Knitting 2-Jacquard
Twinned Knitting

Brioche Stitch 1-Classic
Brioche Stitch 2-Slip/YO method

Knitting in the Round Basics.

Casting On (1-DPN’s, 2-Circulars)
Joining/closing into Round 1
1-simple, 2- K2tog style, 3-Cross stitch, 4-double tail yarn
Using DPN’s
Using 2 Circs
Using Magic Loop (and modified magic loop)
Changing from Circs to DPN’s (and from DPN’s to Circs)

Other Videos
Videos by other Knitter that you might find interesting
NOTE: Following these links will cause you to leave the Golden Apple Video Showcase blog.

Cat Borhdi Demonstrates Judy’s Magic Cast On
Cat Borhdi Demonstrates Jeny's Surprizingly Stretchy Bind Off
Nancy Bush Demonstrated the Latvian Cast On
Lucy Neatby Demonstrates the Latvian Braid.
Jeny demonstrates her version of the Knotted Cast On (aka Jeny's surprizingly stretchy Cast on)
Anne Modiset Demonstrates Combo Knitting
------------------ Demonstrates European Knitting
Eastern (aka Portuguese) Knitting (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

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