Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Knotted (aka Russian) Cast On

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This Cast On is part of the Single Yarn cast ons.

It is not the easiest cast on to learn, but it is an excellent, attractive, stretchy cast on suitable for ribbing-- (the Russian woman who taught it to me said "It is THE cast on to use for ribbing")


  1. Thank you for this Russian cast-on. Love it & am trying it on my new sweater. I'm using Lamb's Pride worsted (single ply & fuzzy-ish) so its a little tough to pull the final stitch on - but that would be the case with most cast-ons I think.

    You are a super teacher!

  2. Helen, Finally got it after viewing many many many times. Finally I turned off the sound and concentrated on the hand movements. One slight turn of the left hand did the trick to open up the stitch. I also found that if I pull the yarn back at a right angle to the needle it will snug up very easily. Thank you! Now on to the Russian cast off!


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