Thursday, September 24, 2009

Channel Islands Cast On

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The Channel Island Cast On, is as it's name suggests, is from the Channel Island.

It is a strong, attractive, stretchy cast on, one classically used with gurnsey type sweater, but it is also excellent for socks or use as a cast on for top down sweaters

It is not particularly hard, but it does have some details that are important.

Traditionally, the cast on is followed by a few rows of garter stitch, but it is not unattractive when followed immediately by 1 X 1 ribbing.


  1. Thank you for this cast-on method which was new to me - I usually make the picot CO differently but it was not as stretchy as the Channel Island CO you show here. I have an inkling that it will become my favorite CO for top-down garments and socks!

  2. Me, Laura, again!
    Is there a matching Channel Island BO ?
    Now that I started with the CI-CO ;-)


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