Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crocheted Cast On

Welcome to the Golden Apples Video Showcase

This blog is a secondary blog, designed to make finding and veiwing my knitting videos easier than ever.

This page contains the newest video- (posted).--The Crocheted Cast On.
(Some of the videos have been previously published on the Golden Apple blog)

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There are many, many ways of working a Crocheted Cast On--this is the way that works best for me!--It is especially suited for knitters who are not also crocheters.

One advantage of the crochet cast on, is the neat chain stitch edge it creates. This edge perfectly matches a standard (and several other) Cast (bind) Off edges.

The crochet cast on can be a primary cast on, or it can be worked in waste yarn and be a provisional Cast On.

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